Experienced app development

Things you must do to launch a success native application project:

  1. Define your app, its purpose, and its elements clearly
  2. Use experienced developers that know the potholes
  3. Ship fast
  4. Pivot to meet user demands

Launch on time, under budget

If you call 5 app dev companies and choose the lowest bidder, you’re probably not going to launch on time or under budget. A classic method of winning bids is to bid low on the initial job and charge for undefined details.

You always learn about challenges during the development stage of even the smallest of applications. We work with you to keep it between the lines, and we budget for some changes up front. That means our apps ship on time and under budget!

Work with experienced developers

Our iOS engineer developed products showcased on the Apple stage this year. Our CEO has 20 years digital experience from running an Internet Service Provider to advising digital startups to working for digital agencies. Our team has worked on hundreds of projects, and that experience helps you deal with virtually any challenge.

We look for parallels in our experience to see similarities. A new telemedicine business application has similarities to a social media project we worked on years ago. Or, your restaurant searching idea has similar technical needs to a rum finder app we built for a company. It’s likely we have worked on something that is not in your specific competitive space but does similar things to what you have in mind.

An experienced team sees the difference, knows the potential challenges, and leverages existing technologies.

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